"When all other lights go out, He still shines!"

This became the anthem to Marie's life when on October 2, 2006, her then husband made a decision to hold an Amish school house hostage, forever changing life as she knew it. This is Marie’s testimony, forged while moving through unthinkable circumstances, into the unfathomable love of the Father. On her darkest day, Marie simply chose to believe that HE IS. This act of faith radically propelled her into a future she could not have hoped for or imagined. In the years since, God continues to unfold his beautiful plan of redemption and restoration over her family.

Marie ministers the truth of God’s love: it is deep enough to heal any wound, strong enough to break all bondage, and it brings life to the broken and light to those in darkness. By cultivating worship in the deepest places of her heart and releasing it before His throne, Marie has found the secret to being “transformed into His likeness with ever increasing glory” (2 Cor 3:18). She will inspire you to dive deep into a passionate LOVE relationship with God, which will transform your life and flow through you to impact all you encounter. She believes that God is real, he is alive, and his love brings us to life. Marie and her husband, Dan, live in Lancaster County, PA, with their 6 children. They traveled to South Africa in July 2015, where they adopted their son. Marie is passionate about adoption, and shares this through her ministry. She graduated from the School of Ministry (Christ Community Church, Camp Hill, PA) in 2012.

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